On 10 April the American Army's newspaper “Stars and Stripes” was published with a headline that suggested that Soviet prosecutor Roman Rudenko had “shot and killed” the defendant Hermann Göring in the courtroom in Nuremberg. The sensational headline was taken by several other agencies as well.

The reason for the mistake was the cross-examination of Hermann Göring, which lasted a week. During the interrogation, the defendant behaved so confidently that the public could get the impression that it was a failure of the prosecutors.

According to the newspaper, Rudenko got so angry with Göring that he drew his service weapon and shot him, in the words of one of the American journalists present at the tribunal during the cross-examination. But it was just a metaphor, later used by the editors of “Stars and Stripes”. When the journalists of the newspaper were asked how they could allow themselves to write such things, the Americans shrugged and replied: “As if it was easier for Göring to resist the machine gun fire of your prosecutor's killer questions.”


Alexander Zvyagintsev "The Nuremberg Trials"

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