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Ashes of War Criminals Scattered

Stalin Receives Secret Strategy File From London

Execution of Nazi War Criminals

Suicide of Hermann Göring

US Lifts Meat Price Controls

On 14 October 1946, US President Harry S. Truman decided to lift price controls on meat in the United States. In the autumn of 1946, Americans faced a shortage of this vital product. On that day, Truman outlined the situation in a radio address at 9 p.m. ET and then announced to his listeners:

France Adopts Constitution of the Fourth Republic

On 13 October 1946, the French people approved the Constitution of the Fourth Republic in a referendum with 9,297,351 votes to 8,165,744 in favour. The first draft was rejected by referendum on 5 May 1946.

Article 3 of Directive No 38 Comes Into Force in Soviet Occupation Zone

On 12 October 1946, Article 3 of Control Council Directive No 38 "The Arrest and Punishment of War Criminals, Nazis, and Militarists and the Internment, Control, and Surveillance of Potentially Dangerous Germans" came into effect in the Soviet occupation zone of Germany.

Tage Erlander Becomes Swedish Prime Minister

On 11 October 1946, Tage Erlander became prime minister of Sweden. He took over after the death of Per Albin Hanssen, president of the Swedish Social Democratic Workers' Party.

Alaska Votes to Become 49th State of the United States

On 8 October 1946, a referendum was held in Alaska, with 9,630 votes to 6,822 in favour of Alaska becoming the 49th state of the United States.

Japan’s House of Representatives Adopts Post-War Constitution

US Senator Taft opposes the Results of the Nuremberg Tribunal

Harry Truman Approves Immigration of 100,000 Jews to Palestine

Deadly Plane Crash Claims 39 Lives

First-Ever Soap Opera Broadcast

IMT Sets Date for Execution of Sentenced Criminals

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