The city of Nikolayev. At 1 p.m. on 17 January 1946 at the Regional Theatre named after Chkalov, Colonel of Justice A.S. Zonov hands down a sentence in the case of Nazi atrocities on the territory of Nikolayev and the Nikolayev Oblast. Seven of the nine defendants are sentenced to death, the rest to hard labour.

Among those awaiting capital punishment is Lieutenant General Hermann Winkler, Ex-Commandant of Nikolayev. Under his orders, punitive operations were carried out, buildings were destroyed and civilians were taken into German slavery. In particular, under Winkler's order, the Chkalov Regional Theatre was destroyed but was rebuilt specifically for the Tribunal.

In total, according to the Act of Extraordinary State Commission, during the occupation of Nikolaev Oblast, 25,884 people were deported to Germany, 30,699 prisoners of war and 74,662 civilians were killed and tortured. 

Four hours after the announcement of the judgment, the sentence was carried out at 5 p.m. in Nikolayev's Bazarnaya Square.

The city of Kiev. On 17 January 1946, in the Red Army Officers' House, hearings begin on the case of the atrocities committed by the Nazi invaders on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR. Fifteen defendants, charged with crimes in various regions and districts of the Ukrainian SSR, are brought before the court.

Paul Scheer, Lieutenant General of Police, former Head of the Security Police and Gendarmerie of Kiev and Poltava Regions, is accused of carrying out punitive operations near the mouth of the Desna River and Korosten. Under his control villages were burned and displaced people shot dead. 

SS-Obersturmbannführer Georg Heinisch, former district Commissar (Gebietskommissar) of Melitopol, is accused of committing crimes in Melitopol. 3,000 children were shot there on his orders in October 1942. 

In total, according to the materials of the Extraordinary State Commission, during the occupation of the Ukrainian SSR over 4,000,000 Soviet citizens were killed and tortured, 647,000 residential buildings were burnt and destroyed. 

The open trial in Kiev will continue until 28 January. On 29 January, the public execution of those found guilty will take place on Kalinin Square (now Maidan Nezalezhnosti, literally “Independence Square”).


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